Aquarius Wax Melt


Charge yourself and your house with the energy of the Aquarius! The smells in this wax melt are attuned to the aquarius and the season. As a fragrance, the aquarius is invigorating and refreshing, with a little touch of sweets. This wax melt scents are: Ylang Ylang, Lime and Lavender.

Place the contents of the whole cup in a wax melt burner or break it off. Within a few seconds the wax melt will melt and will spread a lovely scent throughout the house!

Aquarius characteristics: friendly, loyal, honest, original, inventive and independent.



You will receive a small version of this wax melt in the Aquarius Giftbox!

Rapeseed wax
Ylang YLang oil
Lime oil
Lavender oil

Cup contains 28ML of wax

Because all our Wax melts are handmade, some melts may differ from the picture above.


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