Amethyst Crystal Soap – XL


These handmade and vegan decorative Amethyst luxury soaps are a perfect fragrance addition to anywhere in your home. Wherever you put the soap, it will spread its beautiful scent in a natural way throughout your home. You can choose the scent yourself.

This soap is exclusively used as a decoration soap.

For an extra fragrance experience, you can combine these soaps with our candles.

  • Description

    – Choose your favorite scent with this XL Amethyst Soap.
    – XL Amethyst Soap measurements are: 10 cm x 9 cm x 8 cm (LxWxH), approx. 300 grams.


    Ingredients: Glycerin soap base, pigment, perfume.

    Not for use, only as a decorative soap.


    All our soaps are handmade, so please keep in mind when ordering that the result may vary from the picture given.

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