— Owner of Crystal Cave

Hello! I’m Dino, the owner of Crystal Cave. I have started Crystal Cave at the end of 2016, when my whole business could fit into one bag, and now I have a whole studio dedicated to Crystal Cave! I’m very proud what I have achieved until now and very excited for every new product that I’m going to design for you.

I put a lot of work and love into these products and I hope you can feel that when you receive our products. If you want to talk to us (my boyfriend is helping too and our pets are helping with the packaging! ;)) I will also be the first person that you will talk with.

Next to Crystal Cave, I also love to be working on garden design, working with plants, (car) photography and much much more!

Thank you for reading this and thank you for viewing our website. I hope that you will have a good time on here and if there’s anything you want to let us know, just send us a message!




To be announced!