Due to the increased pressure in our daily lives we sometimes get lost in our thoughts and ourselves, and we go on  autopilot. We would like to bring you back in the here and now, with something as simple as washing your hands.


We aim to create original and unique products in which precious stones have been processed or related to this subject. By bringing together different aspects, we make the products that are offered here.

High quality

Our products are handmade with raw materials and stones that we have selected ourselves in order to guarantee the highest standard.

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All our products are handmade. Everything that can be found on this website, in terms of product designs, cards and photos are made by us in our workshop. We put as much care and love as possible in our products, and we hope you can feel this when you receive them at your home!


Our raw materials have been carefully selected for their ingredients. Every product has vegetable substances with as little chemical components as possible. Better for the planet and for yourself.

Cruelty Free

We care about animals and do not buy products or raw materials that have been tested on animals. Not now, never.